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storm damage repair

  • What type of storm damage do you have?

    Storm damage is the most common type of roof damage and includes wind, hail, or both.

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    Most often, damage is much less noticeable or out of your sightline completely.

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    It’s important to take quick action to repair storm damage as soon as possible.



Frequently Asked Questions

What makes seamless steel siding better than other exterior options?

Steel offers the greatest life expectancy of all exterior options and is maintenance free, so you will never have to worry about painting or staining your home again. Unlike other exterior options, United States Seamless® steel siding is guaranteed not to fade, chalk, or warp.

Is steel siding energy efficient?

The United States Seamless steel siding finish is an ENERGY STAR partner and is enhanced with Cool Paint Technology™. This system, developed for NASA’s space shuttle program, uses infrared reflective pigments in the paint to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Does steel siding rust?

United States Seamless steel siding has a galvanized coating applied to both sides of a solid steel core for corrosion and rust protection. Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel provides additional strength and durability to our seamless steel siding.

Can I install it myself or have my contractor install it?

United States Seamless steel siding is a custom product that is measured to fit the exact dimensions of your home and run through one of our state-of-the-art siding machines at each specific location. Because of the many factors that can affect installation of your siding, Spotless & Seamless Exteriors employs factory-trained workers to ensure your United States Seamless steel siding is installed correctly and will give you the lasting beauty and durability you expect.

Can siding be installed in the winter?

United States Seamless steel siding is resistant to brittleness in cold weather. In addition, all of Spotless & Seamless Exteriors' trailers are heated, allowing us to work throughout the year.

How long does the installation process take?

The average home takes about a week and a half. However, timing may depend on the size and detail included in the job and if there are any weather-related disruptions.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

United States Seamless® steel siding’s endurance exceeds the most stringent industry testing standards, allowing us to back it with a limited lifetime warranty against manufactured defects, hail, and fading. Our warranty may also be transferred by the original property owner to subsequent owners.